Are you freelancer for media, media worker or press officer? Especially for you we create MassMedium. It's a cloud-based newsroom software to collaborative work with the content and distribute it into different channels (social, web, print, mobile, etc.).

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Massmedium features details


In the beginning was the Story, and the Story was with Content. Massmedium allows you to create and store any content related to the story you are working on. It could be a text, photo, audio, video, drawing, presentation, even binary file. Built-in content editors allow you to save money on licenses for desktop software.

Creative Collaboration

Massmedium allows you to collaborate on stories and content. Editors can determine which employees and at what stage will join to work on story. Confusion with versions of documents during a collaborative work isn't possible. Massmedium saves all intermediate versions. You can restore any of previous version at any time. Collaborative work in Massmedium can be planned on personal and shared calendars.

Multichannel Publishing

The service works on the principle of one story, a lot of publications.The same story can be published on different platforms (social networks, websites, newspapers, magazines etc). MassMedium adapts to the characteristics of each platform when creating publication.

Resources Management

Massmedium provides tools for managing resources (both people and equipment). To avoid errors and failures in the newsroom, the planning in Massmedium occurs according to the list of user's assignments, forthcoming deadlines and the schedule of equipment's use.

Deadline control

None of the deadline will not be overdue! Massmedium's notification system will take care about it.

Cloud based (SaaS)

MassMedium is a cloud-based service. No more need to buy hardware and software. You just pay a small monthly fee for using the service and forget about all the other costs.


In Massmedium the transfer of any data occurs over a secure SSL protocol with automatic encryption.

Open API

By using the open API you can integrate all your systems into a single information workspace with MassMedium.